The foundation for
a global digitized

A new standard for modern business formation and management.


Prepare for the Digitized Economy

Regulation for security token offerings is being developed and passed in jurisdictions around the world and will open new capital and liquidity opportunities for businesses to innovate and grow. Liquidus is the on-ramp for enterprises to digitize their business and be ready for the array of opportunities that are coming.

Today’s corporate service process doesn’t make the grade.

While the digital future has arrived, the infrastructure and processes to set up and run a modern business remain riddled with inefficiency, overlap, and bureaucracy. Convoluted registry and reporting requirements and their governing bureaucracies constrain growth and innovation.

Liquidus is building a framework for an efficient and compliant process to digitize and manage assets in a secure environment.

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A new standard for modern business formation and management

Our comprehensive platform eliminates the friction involved with an offshore company set up, management and reporting. By storing corporate records on the blockchain, companies can now access a secure, trusted digital record of shares, shareholder activity, and data. Corporate records are easy to track, verify and audit — saving time and money.

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Automate your
Corporate Lifecycle

Liquidus will eliminate challenges involved with the set up, management and reporting of digital assets. No paper, no duplication of work, no face-to-face meetings required.

Get rid of time consuming spreadsheets to manage your stakeholders and investors. Digitized shares and assets will mean your operations, accounting and audits are are always up-to-date and accurate.

liquidus Automated Service Functions
liquidus Video Notarization
liquidus Automated Compliance
liquidus Digital Identity for Verification
liquidus Automatic Tax Reporting
liquidus Offshore Virtual Office

Set up your company in hours, not months.

Quickly and simply set up your company, its bank accounts, accounting and legal services through our digital portal. No travel required.

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A Tax-Friendly Hub for International Business Companies

Liquidus and the businesses it registers are based in the Bahamas, a tax-friendly jurisdiction with a stable government with proactive draft legislation around digitization.

Why the Bahamas?


Our Vision

To be your global passport to the digitized economy.

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As digital communities develop and grow around the world, each community creates value for its members in different and sometimes complex ways. We envision a future where the ebb and flow of these communities will be strengthened through connectivity with one another to drive further value. Liquidus aims to be the on and off ramp for digitized assets and digital communities providing an effective way for participants to seamlessly flow assets and information from the real world to virtual communities and back again.

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If you are a business or a corporate service provider interested in digitizing a company or companies, let’s talk.