Digital Onboarding & Compliance Made Simple

The all-in-one digital platform to seamlessly onboard, assess and maintain your customers’ confidential KYC data

Manage all of your sensitive identity data
while staying in compliance

Liquidus provides you all the tools to verify, onboard and screen
new users faster and with bank-level confidence

Identity Verification (KYC)
  • Documents
    Verify identity documents through algorithmic validity checks of each unique identity document.
  • Biometrics
    Instant validation of facial features between a printed document face and a live image captured on a device.
  • OCR Extraction
    Automatically extract data from identity documents to ensure high quality and consistent data collection.
AML Screening
  • Sanction Screening
    Reduce false positive alerts and your manual workload with automatic sanction screening.
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Profiles
    Research and track PEP’s to provide you more accurate insights into the people you are doing business with.
  • Adverse Media
    Onboard customers faster by monitoring local, regional and national news sources to highlight any person to adverse media.

How It Works

1. Customer creates a digital identity and provides KYC information

Creation of the customer digital identity is enabled through a mobile and web experience where the user can sign, share and store documents securely.

2. Organization reviews customer KYC information

Streamlined workflows deliver customers KYC information to compliance officers that can review and verify the information using automated public data checks along with robust AML screening tools.

3. Successful account access

Once approved by compliance, the customer’s digital identity is put into a constant state of compliance which enables them to access their account.

A collection of the best tools to streamline client onboarding and management
  • Digital

  • Universal
    Digital ID

  • Identity

  • Face Recognition &
    Biometric Analysis

  • Document

  • Secure Document

  • Cryptographic

  • Ocular Character
    Recognition (OCR)

  • AML

digital asset

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Liquidus Benefits

Satisfy regulatory requirements

Our privacy policy is intended to establish responsible and transparent practices for the management of personal information which assists in satisfying the requirements of rules and regulations established in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Easily onboard clients from all over the world

Every client’s journey is different and the onboarding experience is their first impression of your business. Liquidus enables organizations to offer clients an easier way to submit KYC/AML requirements that abide by your business and jurisdictional rules.

Increase efficiency, drive down cost

Reduce the amount of paperwork required to onboard new clients. Built-in smart contracts streamline the entire process saving you time and money, helping you focus on your clients needs.


Liquidus uses a proprietary distributed blockchain system for encrypting and storing customer data secured by proven cryptographic protocols adhering to the highest security standards.

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