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2019 The Year of the Federated Blockchain – Blockchain Consortium Simply Explained

A response from:
Paul DubeCo-founder, CTO

This article is timely and interesting. The author does a nice job explaining and providing examples around the various organizations employing a Federated Blockchain. In the case of Liquidus, it gets a bit more complex since we are building an ecosystem or financial marketplace that uses a token and all D.I’s are governed by the Federated Digital Identity layer involving our CSP’s. In the end, the FDI attests the layers of D.I and provides jurisdictional governance around business transactions executing in the Liquidus Corporate Registry ecosystem. In summary, creativity drives the innovation and as noted by the author all of these types of blockchains are still a work in progress without tangible results. What we do know is a new type of inclusive economy is emerging around these new technologies through creative problem solving and engineering feats.

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