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Liquidus was created not only from an idea, but from the founders’ experience with the need for a digital on-ramp to get crypto-assets on corporate balance sheets. 

To address this immediate need, Liquidus has built a white label digital onboarding compliance solution that is quick and easy for both corporates and individuals in a blockchain enabled world.

Liquidus aims to assist financial institutions and professional services firms with the onboarding of domestic and international individuals and businesses into their organizations. Our goal is to eventually build the framework for international companies to manage their business and assets in a completely distributed manner. The potential of digitized assets within digitized corporations has virtually limitless applications.

About Liquidus

Our Team

We are bold. We are driven. We are an out-of-the-box team of blockchain technologists and finance specialists, passionate about the future. We are working towards a common goal of building a better way to assist financial institutions and professional services firms with the onboarding and compliance around individuals, businesses and assets.

We are excited about our people and understand the importance of celebrating each other’s success. At Liquidus we celebrate the small things and the big things. We strive for excellence and make room for risks. We are lifelong learners committed to building the foundation for a compliant global digitized economy.

We will stop at nothing to revolutionize how business is done!

Matt Hinkley Chief Executive Officer

Matt Hinkley

Chief Executive Officer

Matt is a pioneer in the growing field of blockchain. Prior to founding Liquidus, Matt worked with some of the largest exchanges in the crypto market and provided a blockchain strategy for both large companies and newly formed digital companies. At the forefront of financial innovation, he has experience in the Alternative Finance Industry in Europe and in designing blockchain infrastructure to provide viable solutions to pressing real-world issues, such as homelessness.

Paul Dube Chief Technology Officer

Paul Dube

Chief Technology Officer

Paul is a senior executive with over 20 years in the information technology field. He led the creation and technological architecture that powers Liquidus; his experience in the field provides a deep understanding of the blockchain-based B2B and B2G fintech market and in applying these concepts to the Web 3.0 stack. Paul specializes in working with distributed teams to validate new technologies, establishing layer standards, and ensuring that necessary decentralization remains as present as possible in the final product.

Jeff Neasmith Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Neasmith

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff is a senior executive with over 23 years of extensive knowledge and experience in software product development, sales team management, customer relations, and digital marketing. His previous experience includes launching, marketing, and selling successful enterprise-level solutions, as well as retail platforms such as Vivonet, Cayenta, and Yodlee. Jeff is also a skilled specialist in distributed business models practicing lean software development

Jeff Neasmith Chief Marketing Officer

Frank Jasek

Chief Financial Officer

Frank is a CPA/CA with 26 years of experience as a partner in a public accounting practice, focusing on small to midsize businesses. Throughout his career, he has guided companies in industries from internet-based retail to integration platform through their startup and growth phases to the public offering. Frank is a veteran in accounting systems, finance, taxation, budgeting, and raising capital, as well as building corporate management teams, business plan development, fiscal responsibility and financial systems for reporting.

Aleksandra Mihajlovic Head of Product

Aleksandra Mihajlovic

Head of Product

Layne Nadeau Strategy & Delivery

Layne Nadeau

Strategy & Delivery

Avenson Navalta UI / UX Designer

Avenson Navalta

UI / UX Designer

Olga Plokhuta Marketing Manager

Olga Plokhuta

Marketing Manager

Dorian Jones


Sara Geist Consultant

Sara Geist


Ryan Cooke HR Specialist

Ryan Cooke

HR Specialist

Teresa Foster Controller

Teresa Foster


Our Partners

Together with our partners, we are building an on-ramp to digitize individuals, businesses and assets worldwide.

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