About Liquidus

Building the foundation for a digitized economy

Liquidus is driven by a team of technologists, accountants, lawyers, and experts in finance and blockchain who are building a more efficient way to facilitate the creation of companies, track data, and manage liquidity. Liquidus is based in The Bahamas, a tax-neutral jurisdiction with a stable government and proactive legislation around digitization. Working with established service providers, Liquidus is an innovator in leveraging blockchain technology to provide organizations with an efficient and compliant process for digitizing and managing assets in the emerging global digital economy.

Operating in a progressive regulatory jurisdiction, Liquidus integrates a permissioned and governed blockchain with a Federated Digital Identity system to enable companies to operate digitized businesses with confidence and compliance. Liquidus has a payment service provider license which lets companies easily move between fiat and token currencies to access the liquidity they need. Liquidus is the foundation companies need to thrive in an automated, digital economy.

We aim to be the on-ramp to digitizing assets and the foundation
companies need to thrive in an automated, digital economy.

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Why We Do What We Do

Yearly, even monthly, the level of innovation and progress continues to accelerate, creating new market dynamics, opportunities and challenges for the global economy.

Digitized assets are slated to offer untold opportunity to drive growth in the global economy – making it easier for goods to circulate and enabling small and medium-sized firms to receive the financing they need. The potential of digitized assets has virtually limitless applications and can be applied both to advance traditional industries, such as finance and real estate, as well as spawn new ones.

While the digital future has arrived, the infrastructure and processes to set up and run a modern business remain riddled with inefficiency, overlap and bureaucracy. Before new and existing businesses can rise up to meet the opportunity of a digitized world, they must have an easy way to automate their set-up and management.

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Our Vision

To be your global passport to the digitized economy.

As digital communities develop and grow around the world, each community creates value for its members in different and sometimes complex ways. We envision a future where the ebb and flow of these communities will be strengthened through connectivity with one another to drive further value. Liquidus aims to be the on and off ramp for digitized assets and digital communities providing an effective way for participants to seamlessly flow assets and information from real world to virtual communities and back again.

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