Uncover the Value
Of Digital Assets

Regulation around digital assets is currently being developed and passed in jurisdictions around the world, unlocking new capital and liquidity opportunities for organizations to innovate and grow.

Liquidus’ digital onboarding and compliance solution can automate the KYC and AML validation process, while also opening up the end users and organizations to the burgeoning market of digital assets and digital currencies.

Digital Assets
what is digital asset

What Is a Digital Asset?

A digital asset is a representation of value from an existing asset (tangible or intangible) in digital form distributed through a blockchain-based platform. Digital assets represent almost everything, ranging from real estate, shares, and precious metals, to intangible things like citizenship, identification, or substantive attestations.

Categories of Digital Assets

Payment/Currency Tokens

Often called ‘Virtual Currencies’ or ‘Cryptocurrencies’, these tokens usually do not grant privileges but are used as a means of exchange or value storage.

Investment/Security Tokens

These tokens typically offer rights in the form of ownership and equivalent entitlements to dividends or coupons.

Utility/Consumption Tokens

These tokens commonly require access to a particular product or service, often provided using a blockchain platform, but are not approved for other products or services as a means of payment.

The Opportunity

Digital assets have the potential to completely change the way financial products are created, distributed, and traded.

Blockchain offers the rails for digital assets and currencies to save time and reduce cost when being transferred internationally, or when being bought or traded.

At Liquidus we imagine a world where an organization can maximize liquidity without dilution, simplify transactions with on-chain security, enable 24/7 global trading, eliminate costly back-office management, and help perform instant payment settlements.

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