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Unlock your company’s
potential for liquidity

Complicated rules and paper bound systems used today mean that many corporate assets are fundamentally illiquid. As regulations come into effect globally for security tokens, Liquidus can function as the foundation for your company’s future liquidity. Our Digital Corporate Services platform provides an on-ramp to the digital economy.


Set up your company in hours, not months.

Quickly and simply set up your company, its bank accounts, accounting, and legal services through our digital portal. No travel required.

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Set-up to scale your
Digital Asset Business

Remove manual processes to free up the resources you need to focus on scaling a global business. We will provide you the digital on-ramp required to securely and efficiently register and manage your digital asset business.

  • Register your digital business in a jurisdiction with clear regulations
  • Convert fiat to token currencies and back again
  • Prepare to digitize your shares and ensure your cap table is always current
  • Prepare for the liquidity opportunities of fractionalization and security tokens
  • Choose a jurisdiction with tax regulations that meet the needs of your global business

Stay in compliance

With KYC / AML information verifiable through our Federated Digital Identity Solution, and with local tax laws and regulations written into the code, Liquidus ensures compliance is proactive and automated saving your company time, money, and resources.

  • Onboard and vet shareholders for KYC / AML compliance
  • Verify identity for corporate officers
  • Securely manage and verify all legal documents

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Digitize your cap table

Always have a current, accurate view of your company’s cap structure.

As your company grows, tracking outstanding shares, new offerings and the changes in ownership that often occur is a challenge. Liquidus will eventually be able to convert your company’s paper share certificates to programmable securities and deliver real-time visibility of your cap table, generate liquidity, and offers the potential for future global exchange and distribution.

  • Automate investor onboarding and verification
  • Streamline communication, document sharing and processing
  • Update your cap table in minutes not days

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Operate in a progressive
digital asset jurisdiction

The Bahamas has a reputation as a tax friendly jurisdiction and is in the process of drafting a new regulatory framework for digital asset businesses.

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