Seizing Opportunity: The Role of Digital Transformation in the Caribbean



Matt Hinkley Chief Executive Officer
Matt Hinkley


Paul Dube Chief Technology Officer
Paul Dube


Jeff Neasmith Chief Marketing Officer
Jeff Neasmith



Have you ever wondered how to fully tap in to the benefits of the digital economy?

Curious about how you can avoid missing out on the current transformation?

Join our panel as we discuss opportunities presented by blockchain and digital finance, and learn why the Caribbean offers advantages unlike any other.

Topics include:

Digital Economy:

  • How do you avoid missing out on the economy’s digital transformation?
  • How does digital transformation happen, and how do you bring the existing world into this world?
  • The impacts of Covid-19.
  • Regulation aspects that are progressing and how RegTech companies are helping.
  • What are low hanging opportunities for individuals, companies and governments?

Caribbean Focus:

  • Why the Bahamas?
  • The opportunities and challenges driving innovation.

Companies – Licensed & Regulated:

  • What sets the most powerful digital finance companies apart?