Building a
Blockchain Nation

Accelerating global opportunity through digitization

Governments around the world are adopting blockchain technology at a rapid pace. From Estonia to Malta, Switzerland to Canada, countries are in a race to become fully-digitized societies. Nations that embrace blockchain technology and innovation within a progressive regulatory and digital infrastructure will position themselves as leading global business locations.

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The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.

— Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, World Economic Forum 2019


Nations are turning to
blockchain technology to:

  • Automate the business registration process
  • Digitize currencies
  • Prioritize privacy and data protection, combat fraud, and increase security
  • Increase transparency to simplify oversight by governing organizations
  • Better manage immigration
  • Respond to issues with greater innovation and speed
  • Reduce costs and wait times
  • Improve access to information

Who are today’s emerging leaders in blockchain technology?
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As countries make investments into blockchain technology they must concurrently address challenges that include:

  • Anti-money laundering (AML) policies that keep pace with growth within their token currency and financial industries
  • Limited or absent systems to account for and tax token currencies while integrating them into existing auditing platforms
  • Taxation challenges related to token currency’s classification as either a currency or commodity

A secure, digital corporate services solution like Liquidus Digital Corporate Service platform would address these issues from the onset.