Take a 360 degree
view of your clients

With Identity Master, Liquidus provides the ability to see your customers’ needs more clearly while ensuring they remain in compliance.

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Single source

A Single Source of Truth

Current customer data is divided across an organization. With Liquidus, all information runs through the Identity Master. By creating a complete customer profile based on various sources, organizations can align with regulations easily and discover new business opportunities based on customer behavior. Compliance costs go down and sales go up.

Key Benefits

reduce risks icon
Reduce Risk


Have confidence that your clients are in compliance with regulations i.e. GDPR, FinCEN, and FATF recommendations.


Eliminate offline processes that overburden audit and reporting systems.

streamline costs
Streamline Operational Costs

Reduced Workloads

Compliance officers can eliminate manual efforts to stay aligned with regulations.


Routine processes such as settling and clearing transactions can be automated.

new revenue streams
Create New Revenue Streams

Cross Selling

Find new opportunities to sell to customers based on a holistic view of their needs.


Analyze risk and buying behaviors to create new products and services that you know will be in demand.

Transforming Regulated Industries
with Blockchain Technology

Imagine innovative technology helping regulated organisations know more, do more, and sell more, while simultaneously readying their business for the emerging digital economy. Digital identities are the future, and Identity Master will help organisations take a critical step into this new world.

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Examples of Problems Identity Master Solves

Identity Master leverages the power of AI, machine learning and blockchain
technologies to ensure you can locate, access, and utilize trusted data when and where it’s needed.

Sales & Marketing

Problem: In many organizations sales and marketing teams experience difficulties extracting valuable information that reside in different systems across an enterprise to identify opportunities to cross and upsell products.

Solution: The Identity Master solution will extract data from all systems while updating the CRM to identify which clients may be interested in particular products, as well as profile high value clients to create personalized solutions.

Sales & Marketing Benefits:

  • Promoting the ease of onboarding to prospective clients.
  • Building high-value, long-term customer relationships across multiple lines of business.
  • Capitalizing on the business value of customer data to offer new, flexible products.
Operations & Executives

Problem: Organizations with siloed data have a difficult time identifying and forecasting opportunities and risks across the enterprise due to the disparate nature of the data.

Solution: The Identity Master solution enables a management team to model ‘what if’ scenarios across the enterprise to classify cost savings opportunities such as automating manual and paper based systems in customer service communications.

Operations & Executive Benefits:

  • Upgrading the agility and accuracy of business decisions.
  • Improving reporting and access to information.
  • Extending the life of existing systems while decrease switching costs.
Compliance & Governance

Problem: For all regulated organizations, the KYC and AML processes are a significant burden. Compliance and governance teams have a difficult time keeping up with constant changes in regulation surrounding sanction checks and transaction monitoring.

Solution: The Identity Master can consolidate customer information spread across multiple systems while automating the manual processes to eliminate errors, decrease time to customer onboarding, and improve visibility to customer information that meets regulatory requirements.

Compliance & Governance Value Benefits:

  • Increasing enterprise-wide understanding of the state and health of business data, including compliance policy processes and data standards.
  • Achieving and demonstrating regulatory compliance on a global scale.
  • Protecting sensitive customer data while fulfilling industry privacy mandates (example: GDPR).

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