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Identity Verification

What Is uID?

uID is a unique digital identity solution that is capable of tracking and monitoring real-time key compliance measures (KYC/AML) around clients. What makes the identity unique is that the digital proof of identity is stored on a governed consortium blockchain.



What You Get With uID

Easy Onboarding

Your customers will never again have to upload personal documents that have already been stored and attested in the uID app unless they expire. Required information for account opening can now be gathered automatically, making the onboarding experience to your organization much smoother.


uID will verify a customer’s identity, authenticate them online and act as their digital signature. This all in one approach creates an immutable audit trail of all interactions linked to their identity.

Constant Regulatory Compliance

We rely on advanced identification and authentication processes to help you and your customers maintain a constant state of compliance, adapting to KYC/AML requirements based on your jurisdiction.

Transparency & Portability

Allow your customers to control how and where their information is being used through our permission-based system. Digital transaction proofs that are stored on the blockchain are immutable and provide a full downloadable audit trail. Liquidus aims to build a foundation for interoperability between jurisdictions so that your customers’ IDs are portable and secure.

It Takes the Right Technology

Unlike current centralized identity systems that are controlled by one player, uID is built on a governed consortium blockchain infrastructure removing the reliance on a single provider. This reduces the risk of fraud and enables ultimate security and privacy.

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Key Features

ID Verification

We scan the user’s ID document and detect whether it is genuine or fraudulent.

Document Authentication

We authenticate global identity document types and other unstructured proof of address documents.

Face Recognition & Biometric

We provide instant validation of facial biometrics between an ID document and photo or selfie captured on a smartphone, tablet or webcam.


Ocular Character Recognition (OCR) is used to extract relevant data points from customer ID documents and verify the data against the visual security elements, information, and other features of an authentic document.

Cryptographic Signature

We create a digital version of the user’s handwritten signature, using the highest level of security and encryption to ensure it is authentic, unique and tamper-proof. This signature can be used to sign expense reports, business contracts and other agreements.

Secure Data Room Storage

A secure permission-based document data room that allows for control and secure sharing of confidential documents.

How It Works

Identity Verification

Scan your government-issued ID such as a passport or national ID card.

Take a photo of yourself in real-time to ensure liveliness and compare facial features against your government-issued document.

Your government-issued ID and live photo are matched using machine learning algorithms to ensure you are who you say you are.

If it’s a match, your identity is verified and your government-issued ID is attested and stored in your data room and can be used for applications in the future.

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