Liquidus Launches Digital Corporate Services Platform Pilot in The Bahamas


Digitize your
company’s lifecycle

Through our technology platform and our partnerships, Liquidus enables you to set up a fully operational corporation based in the Bahamas from anywhere in the world. Once registered, Liquidus plans to enable companies to digitize assets, create liquidity, and seamlessly move between fiat and token currencies which will be in compliance with Bahamian Law.

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  • Automated corporate reporting
  • Digital Corporate Identity and disclosure networks
    (KYC / AML)
  • Legal – compliance services
  • Financial – on and off ramp from fiat to token
  • Future foundation for digitized assets and M&A

Contracts and records are like a rush-hour gridlock trapping a Formula 1 race car. In a digital world, the way we regulate and maintain administrative control has to change.

– Harvard Business Review

Turbo-charge your company’s offshore set up

We make it easy to set up and start doing business in hours, not months. No onerous travel, no long lines with the paperwork required. Liquidus remotely brings together top tier corporate service providers, lawyers, and banks on one platform.

Information is stored within your company’s permission-based Offshore Virtual Office and is automatically connected to all key services to prevent unnecessary duplication of information and tasks.

  • Federated Digital Identity speeds up ID requirements for company formation
  • Ocular character recognition (OCR) technology to streamline the document scanning process

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Liquidus meets bank-level security, privacy and compliance requirements with market leading technology, security, and privacy practices to protect user data.

Digitized records are securely stored in your permission-based Offshore Virtual Office, where all supporting and sensitive documentation can be saved and shared. We help eliminate the risks of data entry error, misplaced documents or outside hacks associated with paper or cloud-based records.

Secure privacy,
protects shareholder

Liquidus is creating a Federated Digital Identity to eliminate the risk of bad actors and the frustrations of juggling copies of physical, potentially error-prone documents.

Federated Digital Identity
  • Secures your privacy
  • Protects authenticity of information
  • Prevents identity theft or fraud
  • Expedites reporting on complex transactions
  • Makes real time compliance measures (KYC/ALM/CFT) efficient

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Feature Highlights

| Feature Highlights

liquidus Ricardian smart contracts liquidus Federated, governed blockchain protocol liquidus Federated Digital Identity liquidus Cryptographic digital signatures liquidus Video notarization liquidus Integrated KYC-AML procedures liquidus Fiat to Token Currency on-ramp liquidus Ocular character recognition (OCR) to index and identify critical information liquidus Automatic corporate reporting

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