The Liquidus Blockchain

Our blockchain enables organizations to support secure
transactions and data privacy through their own private
Smart Channel while facilitating compliant business
activities across different subsidiaries and jurisdictions.


This Is the Future

Blockchain is an opportunity for global minds to collectively work to restore lost privacy and preserve control over documents moving forward.

Scalability & Security

A private blockchain protocol ensures global scalability with little to no disruption when scaling.


Programmable, automated and jurisdiction-based compliance via smart contracts.

Real Time Reporting

Triple entry book-keeping via transactional proofs.


Reduce bureaucracy and increase the efficiency of administrative processes through institutional grade governance.

Data Integrity

Tamper proof history of data is easily reportable and updated to the second, following industry regulations.

Digital ID & Wallet

KYC/AML permission-based system that ensures control over identity and secure verification.

What Is the Liquidus Blockchain?

Liquidus has created a semi-autonomous governed consortium blockchain built using HyperLedger Fabric 2.0 that offers businesses, institutions and governments a distributed operating system capable of managing data transactions in a compliant manner.

The blockchain is configured for scale and interoperability, allowing for solutions to be developed and adapted for any industry. It will usher in a new era of trust, transparency, and accountability for businesses and consumers.

As an example, imagine a semi-autonomous car where the use of non-human interventions such as road cameras, GPS and car sensors are pre-programmed and make decisions on behalf of people. The Liquidus blockchain enables the same semi-autonomous functionality for smart contracts and other business processes.

This includes:
  • Self-executing smart contracts
  • Programmable Governance and Disclosures
  • Algorithmic Consensus Mechanism
  • Private Smart Channels
Liquidus Blockchain
Liquidus Blockchain

Smart Channel

A key technical element and one that is unique to Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 is the ability to manage private data, public data, and/or both. In the Liquidus blockchain, organizations and members are set up in a private Smart Channel where the management of private and public data exchange and data management is executed. Smart Channels allow members of the network to work openly together or in separate relationships within secured channels, ensuring private interactions. A Smart Channel is ideal for multi-jurisdictional financial institutions or businesses with one parent entity that has multiple compliance teams.

Hyperledger Fabric

The Liquidus blockchain is powered by one of the world’s leading open-source, yet secure, blockchain frameworks, Hyperledger 2.0. The Linux Foundation hosts Hyperledger, a collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies for businesses. Intended as a foundation for developing applications with a modular architecture delivering high degrees of flexibility and scalability, it is a global collaboration that includes leaders in finance, banking, the Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, and technology. 

Hyperledger Fabric has quickly become one of the most popular open source DLT projects, with hundreds of deployments worldwide. In 2019, Forbes reported that 28 of the 50 companies above $1 billion in revenues were using it. 

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